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Van Merksteijn International

Van Merksteijn International is a strong and reliable partner.

Van Merksteijn International is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of  fencing products.

Intersig - Sponsor - Gabriel Aubry


n the 1960s, Alfons Jansegers founded Bevisol. Bevisol is an abbreviation for Solid Vibrated Concrete. Bevisol quickly gained a stong reputation in the region as a concrete contractor and manufacturer. Bevisol has also become a pioneer in the design of pre-slabs as well as corresponding beams.


Bell is designed to meet specific needs. Bell’s aesthetic is very appealing. A helmet is built in the same way as a race car or a fighter jet. We create an essential performance tool.

Logo DMA Armature


For more than 35 years, the DmA fitting group has been actively involved in the construction of more than 2,000 projects per year in France. We offer a range of Industrial  fitting reinforcement as complete as possible to meet all the needs of your projects.

mep france - Gabriel Aubry - Sponsors


MEP Group is a leading company in the production of equipment for the work of concrete and welding technology.

4race Sponsor Gabriel Aubry

4RACE is a company created in 2010 that aims to promote the interests of top athletes in motorsport. Over the past years, we have detected a need in coaching automobile pilots and families guidance.